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Registry Infrastructure

Our hosted registry services combine a proven technology backbone with unparalleled customer service and industry-leading domain security, abuse monitoring and mitigation built right in.

Registry DNS Service

Our Registry DNS Service provides the ultimate in stability, security and availability. Utilizing 30 globally distributed nodes, and protected by the industry’s largest DDoS mitigation capabilities, it provides the scale, throughput and uptime to take your TLD wherever you want to go.

Gateway Services

If you operate a country code top-level domain (TLD), our gateway services help you grow beyond your national market by connecting you to our global registrar and DNS networks. You also get instant access to a worldwide customer base that’s eager to establish a presence within your country domain.

Registration Data Access Protocol

The Registration Data Access Protocol (RDAP) is a computer network communications protocol standardized by the Internet Engineering Task Force. Developed as a successor to WHOIS, allows users to query for Registry data (domains, contacts, hosts and Registrars) over HTTPS.

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