Access Policy

Access to GoDaddy Registry's RDAP Service is at all times governed by the RDAP Access Policy. By accessing the service you agree to be bound by the terms of the RDAP Access Policy.

User Guide

For information about how to use our RDAP Service, please review our RDAP Service User Guide

How to access the GoDaddy Registry RDAP Service

Any internet user may query the RDAP service, however responses for queries made by anonymous users may be redacted. Individuals and organisations with a legitimate interest in accessing domain name registration data may request authenticated user access to the RDAP service. To make a request for authenticated access, please visit RDDSrequest.nic.[TLD], where [TLD] represents the applicable TLD you wish to request authenticated access to.

How to use the GoDaddy Registry RDAP Service

Most GoDaddy Registry supported TLD registries will have an RDAP service on the hostname rdap.nic.[TLD], where [TLD] represents the applicable TLD you wish to query. If you find that there is no response on a registry's assumed RDAP host, it may be that the Registry Operator has not implemented an RDAP service. RDAP is an API and is intended for machine to machine interaction, as such there is no web-based interface available to submit RDAP requests at this time. 

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