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A .Brand is a top-level domain (TLD) like .com or .co, but with your brand name to the right of the dot. It’s your own custom-branded digital ecosystem, where you have total control over the entire namespace.

With a .Brand TLD, you have the ultimate in brand flexibility and control. You can register any domain name that you want, anytime you want, to use in any way you want — infusing more creativity, customer insight and security into your digital strategy.

Large, complex websites are often difficult for customers to navigate, with important information buried deep and hard to find. With a .Brand TLD, you can direct your customers straight to the most relevant content quickly and easily using intuitive navigation – think ‘www.product.brand’ or ‘www.promotion.brand’.

What’s more, as you own the entire namespace, no one else can register domain names in your .Brand TLD. This gives your customers greater protection against malicious and fraudulent websites claiming to be yours. All this while helping your business to build better connections with customers and overcoming some of the complex marketing challenges of today, like expensive paid search and trademark abuse.

Take complete control of your digital landscape with your own .Brand TLD. If you’ve already secured your .Brand, we have the industry’s leading team of experts who can help you to launch, manage and grow it. If you missed your chance to apply during ICANN’s “first round,” and are eager to secure your own .Brand TLD, reach out to us for guidance and support today so you will be ready the moment ICANN opens the next round.

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