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Whether you’re looking for an innovative registry services provider to help you manage, commercialize and grow your top-level domain (TLD), or you’re eager to apply for a new TLD in ICANN’s next round, you’ve come to the right place.


Industry Leading Solutions

GoDaddy Registry is a world-leading provider of domain name registry services. We power the security, stability and resilience of more than 200 of the world’s most recognized TLDs – including: country-code TLDs (like .us and .co); generic TLDs (like .Club and .Buzz); brand TLDs (like .Chase and .Fox); and city TLDs (like .nyc and .Sydney). 

From back-end technical services, to policy and operational support, to award-winning domain marketing, sales and strategic planning – our bespoke, integrated registry solutions deliver measurable, sustainable results for our clients – and the billions of internet users they serve.


We’ve Got Your Back

Working with GoDaddy Registry is different. With a proven track-record of success spanning two-decades, our globally distributed Registry Team is known for bold thinking and a practical approach to collaborating with clients that gets the job done. Helping you to meet your goals is our goal. And your success is how we measure our own.  

Much more than your backend provider – we’ve got your back.

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