GoDaddy Registry Turns on .TV!

Nicolai Bezsonoff, General Manager, GoDaddy Registry
November 15, 2022

.TV gets a fresh, bold look for a new generation

GoDaddy Registry is honored that the Government of Tuvalu chose us to become the new registry operator for the .TV country code top-level domain (ccTLD). Today, November 15, 2022, we’re thrilled to officially relaunch .TV as the online home for content creators the world over.

In addition to the critical technical and operational aspects of managing TLD transitions, our full-service offering also includes a complete rebrand and marketing makeover. For .TV, we reimagined the brand as a destination for the new generation of internet users, including content creators from Instagram influencers and TikTokkers, to YouTubers, bloggers, and Twitch streamers. The new .TV brand uses bold, energetic visuals that are familiar to our digitally native audience. The result is a fresh, fun take on a classic ccTLD that is bursting with color, while giving a nod to the retro television aesthetic.

I invite you to visit the new .TV consumer website at TurnOn.TV to learn more about the new brand, and to see how .TV is positioned for a new level of global impact and reach.

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