Podcast Ep.5 – How to manage IP and brand protection challenges with your TLD portfolio

James Brown, Global Brand Marketing & Communications
October 20, 2021

The GoDaddy Registry Podcast offers regular insights into a variety of topics important to brands and organizations involved in the domain name industry. Episode 5 is now available and continues our deep dive conversations with industry experts from around the world.


In this episode, we are extremely fortunate to have JP Morgan Chase’s Head of Brand Protection, Deborah Atta-Fynn who speaks with Tony Kirsch, Head of Professional Services at GoDaddy Registry on managing a domain name portfolio and the IP challenges facing multinational organizations in the digital world.

Deborah also covers the following:

  • Why security is in the DNA of everything they do
  • Building trust with their customers
  • Using .chase and .jpmorgan across the business
  • Working to have their .brand TLDs accredited for use within China
  • Applying for TLDs in the next round.


In this exclusive interview, Deborah provides incredible insight on the future outlook for the domain industry and speaks openly about the impact of new TLDs on her organization – both positive and negative.

Sharing her experience both within the industry, and now ‘in-house’ at one of the world’s most recognized and respected organizations, Deborah’s strategy on taking a proactive approach to enforcing the brand, whilst innovating and exploring new opportunities in the future is a must listen. 

Previous episodes of the podcast cover topics such as: how to increase the revenue from your TLD with the right premium name strategy; and an interview with FOX about the additional benefits of the .FOX TLD has given to the marketing, security and IT teams.

The GoDaddy Registry Podcast is available from all the usual podcast providers, including:



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